The Pony Club

Whether you have your own pony or not, The Pony Club is the best starting point for all children who want to learn how to ride.

Founded in 1929, The Pony Club offers two types of Membership:-

  • Branch Membership is for children who have regular access to a Pony that they can take to Pony Club events, such as Working Rallies and Shows
  • Centre Membership is for children who prefer to go to a Riding School to ride. Special tests and competitions are organised at the Riding School for Pony Club Members.

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Membership is open to boys and girls under the age of 21 and offers some great benefits. In addition to learning how to ride, Members can compete against each other and take part in a wide range of activities. Nearly all Britain's most successful riders were once a Member of The Pony Club.

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Pony Club Tests

Pony Club tests are designed to improve your riding ability and knowledge of horse and pony care. Starting with the ‘E' Test you can progress through the Standards of Efficiency up to the ‘AH' Test. Members may also take their Road Rider Certificate.

You may also take Progressive Tests at Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum in Riding and Stable Management. These are smaller tests at all levels which may be taken on their own or together with the Standards of Efficiency.

You can read more in the Pony Club's Tests and Achievement Badges page.

Pony Club Achievement Badges

These cover a range of basic equestrian and countryside topics and, as each one is passed, the appropriate cloth badge can be sewn onto your Pony Club Sweatshirt.

You can read more in the Pony Club's Tests and Achievement Badges page

Competitions & Rallies

At Aireview we run fortnightly rallies where the children can work towards acheiving their badges. They can also test here in our safe, fun environment.

They also get to compete in things such as the triathalon.


Your membership subscription includes Personal Liability Insurance which covers you for accidental injury or damage to third parties or their property, arising out of the use or ownership of ponies or horses. Please refer to the Pony Club policy for more details.

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